Built to Work. Toward a Common Goal.

Diversity Outreach and Mentoring Program

Krill actively supports the inclusion of previously underrepresented minorities and women in the construction profession. The development of Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) and Female Business Enterprises (FBE) will not happen by itself.  It requires an effective program and commitment from all parties, including building owners, contractors and consultants. For this reason, Krill developed a Diversity Outreach and Mentoring Program servicing the Northeast Ohio MBE and FBE community.

Our full mentoring program provides business experience and opportunities that help MBE and FBE’s build successful independent general contracting businesses.  Krill has selected field and office mentoring training grounds that do not require specific participation goals so that our clients without stated initiatives begin to participate in the effort.

Our first mentoring relationship has been with Key General Contractors, a construction management and general contracting company. Within three years, our program has given Key the experience and connections to expand into a multi- million dollar operation that attains over 90% of their contracts independently, mostly from leading local private higher education institutions and hospitals.

Supplier Diversity

Beyond Krill’s Diversity Outreach and Mentoring Program, we take a proactive approach to support the MBE/FBE initiative by encouraging owners to integrate a diversity plan into their projects. Maintaining and growing diverse supplier relationships is also important to the success of the overall mission.

We closely work with owners to identify diversity goals and objectives, and then develop bid interest in the local MBE/FBE community through related trade databases and associations. On bid day, we present the most complete and accurate bids received with the understanding that additional participation can be gained by investigating the second or third options. It may benefit the process to further break-out packages that better suit the widely diverse group of businesses. Once construction commences, we encourage the owner and other contractors to build independent relationships with the MBE/FBE’s to assist in their future growth.