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The safety of our client’s community, our subcontractors and employees are a top priority. To support this critical endeavor, Krill has established the Safety Program with Attitude. We take a strict, steadfast approach, which includes all OSHA and various trade association regulations, to ensure that our incident rate remains at zero.

The Safety Program with Attitude includes a thorough written safety manual, field employee and subcontractor safety training, weekly safety meetings, dedicated safety professionals on staff, enforcement policies, independent job site monitoring and a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace initiative.

Krill strictly enforces a safe work environment with mandatory hard hat, safety glasses, footwear and proper clothing requirements. Job site awareness through tool box talks, signage, fencing and security creates a safe working environment on both the site grounds and surrounding areas.

Successful benchmarks of the Safety Program with Attitude include:


Nothing speaks more about our premier construction service than the recognition we’ve received for quality craftsmanship. It is just as important to our clients, as quality translates into building prestige and lower maintenance costs.

Krill has always been committed to construction excellence. Over the past 20 years, our projects have been recognized with over 100 awards related to superior quality and design. Most notably, we received the Build Ohio Award, the most prestigious award given to Ohio contractors, for our renovation of Murphy Hall at John Carroll University. In addition, Krill projects have been recognized by the Cleveland Builder’s Exchange, the American Institute of Architects, the Cleveland Engineering Society and Architectural Record Magazine.