Architects & Consultants

We all share the same overall objective:  to satisfy our client’s needs. Although we deliver different expertise, the only way to successfully deliver on our individual promises is to collaborate together. When our individual strengths and knowledge are shared in a cohesive team environment the project is better aligned for success.

Built to Work. Smarter.

At Krill, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach. We prefer to partner early with the architect and the client to achieve the greatest shared results. Our precise estimating from preliminary schematic drawings is proven to be accurate, eliminating inflated contingency rates and reducing the need for costly re-drawings or unsubstantiated change orders.  We work with the architect and owner, utilizing our cutting-edge tools, such as our Historical Data Estimating software or our library of Case Studies, to help manage costs to avoid design and scope changes.

Built to Work. Seamlessly.

Effective communication between both our teams is essential. Krill’s non-departmentalized structure ensures that you maintain contact with one team project manager through the entire course of the project. Your project team is consistent and will not change after the interview. This allows the project team to have one complete knowledge, increasing our ability to deliver the quick responses you need.

Built to Work. For You.

Building relationships with architects and consultant is important to us. We understand that architects want to feel confident in recommending the best construction company to their client. At Krill, we work in the best interest of the owner and architect, earning the respect of many industry leading architects, including:

ADA Architects
Bialosky + Partners
Bostwick Design Partnership
Burt, Hill
City Architecture
Davison Smith Certo Architects
Dorsky, Hodgson, Parrish, Yue
Hasenstab Architects, Inc.
Hengst Streff Bajko Architects
Herman Gibons Fodor
Herschman Architects
HFP Architects
James Linke Architect
KA, Inc.
Kaczmar Architects, Inc.
Makovich & Pusti Architects
Milan Bender Architects
Moody Nolan, Inc.
Mulle + Associates
Oliver Design Group
Payto Architects
RDL Architects
Rhodes Dahl
Richard L. Bowen + Associates
Richard Fleishman Architects
RSA Architects
Studio Techne Architects
URS Corporation
Van Auken Aikens
Vocon, Inc.
Westlake Reed Leskosky
Ziska Architects