Construction is an investment in your growth, your future, your success. Surrounding yourself with consultants that work for you makes the difference in the entire construction experience and outcome. Krill helps owners move from a vision to the ribbon cutting ceremony by delivering a construction approach that maximizes your time, budget, and involvement.

We take a unique approach to delivering construction services that is unmatched in our industry. Krill offers a similar level of expertise and experience found at a national construction company, but delivers it with the personal attention that makes our clients feel important. Our difference is rooted in three concepts:

Built to Work. Smarter.

We work smarter because we are proactive. Our strategy is to partner early with you, so that you can realize the greatest cost and time savings later. We offer cutting-edge tools that provide you with the most accurate cost information and real-time accessibility, including:

Historical Data Estimating Software: With a customized, project-site accessible estimating software system, Krill provides priceless historical cost models modified to today’s pricing that inform the budget needs of your project even before the drawing stage.


Historical Data Estimating Software

Case Studies: We document past projects to spur out of the box thinking and analyze proven ways to achieve savings for your project via creative value-added options.

Throughout the entire project, your Krill team–from executive to superintendent–is highly involved. Our project managers and superintendents are conceptual thinkers, able to anticipate challenges and offer solutions. We are team players, believing that collaboration and communication with all parties, including owner, architects, consultants and subcontractors, always leads to greater results.

Built to Work. Seamlessly.

A project can go through many hands at a construction company–leaving you unsure who to contact. Our non-departmentalized project team structure is different. The team you meet in the interview is yours for the entire project. Your autonomous team single handedly completes all aspects of the project. With this one complete knowledge always available, each team member is empowered to respond quickly and accurately to your questions.

Built to Work. For You.

Our mission is to be your construction advocate-looking out for your best interest every step of the way. We push harder to discover ways to make your project more profitable, speed up your move-in date, and keep your business running during construction. It’s your project–and you deserve to have a full understanding of its progress. Our Executive Summary is a monthly status report, documenting schedule progress, line item budget reviews, and costs to date. By being up front with this information you can make timely decisions in advance, such as re-investing savings into the project with upgrades.

We make ourselves available during all stages of construction, or even when you are just thinking of your future space goals.  We offer a range of feasibility studies that give you figures to help you determine to buy or lease land, consider a future purchase and renovation of a new property, or renovate or build new. This analysis can help to attain financing, executive buy-in, and establish your next move.