Landerbrook Dental Office Building

Mayfield Heights, Ohio

A new two-story, 30,000 square foot dental office building shell and lobby.



Project Challenge: As construction manager, the challenge to the team was to maintain the budget costs created during schematic design, which began to escalate during the design-development period.

Krill Case Study Solution:
The Krill Co., Inc. tracks historical costs on similar building projects in an effort to provide the client with relevant and current data to what market costs should be.

The budget indicated overruns in both glass & glazing and site development.  Krill offered optional glazing systems and building materials to balance the glazing costs with the building skin costs.  The site grades were studied by Krill, and it was suggested to raise the grade of the entire building and parking lot to achieve a balanced site.  Additionally, utilities and storm water drainage was amended to further reduce costs and still meet city requirements.

The overall savings reduced the building costs by approximately $15/sf, allowing the owner to compete in the challenging office building market.

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