Case Western Reserve University

Adelbert Hall, Cleveland, Ohio

The restoration of over 55,000 sf of the 1883 historic administration facility after a devastating fire.



Project Challenge: To maintain the integrity of a fire-ravaged building that was condemned and held together with steel cabling.  The original roof, wood atrium staircase, and four structural floors had fallen through the structure and lay in rubble at the first floor.

Krill Case Study Solution: As construction manager, The Krill Co., Inc. worked with the a local structural engineer and New York architect to develop a strategy to stop the decay of the building.  With extreme cold weather months approaching, the freeze / thaw cycle would cause the existing interior and exterior walls to explode if they were not safely covered.  The final approach was to install the new 4th floor of the building on temporary walls to stabilize the structure.  A temporary roof and downspout system was installed to eliminate the penetration of water.  Temporary heat was also added to keep the building from freezing.  The collaborative effort to develop both a permanent and temporary floor/roof system from the subzero temperatures ultimately saved the building from being raised.