Case Western Reserve University

School of Medicine

Animal Resource Center, Cleveland, Ohio

An 80,000 sf renovation and modernization requiring multi-phased construction to maintain facility operation throughout the project to create a full vivarium and support facility with BASL 3 rooms.



Project Challenge: To sustain full operations of an island of 2,000 sf of active vivarium space surrounded by the 80,000sf addition.  Complete removal, new installation and renovation over a 12 month period was to be free of dust and noise.

Krill Case Study Solution: The Krill Co., Inc. recommended creating a swing space for a new but temporary vivarium which was adjacent to the project.  The relocation suggestion would allow for uninterrupted personnel access, sustained utilities, reduced noise and the elimination of dust and contractor interaction.  Because of the reduced liability for possible experiment interruption and the potential subcontractor cost savings with this method, the minor investment to construct the temporary rooms was quickly approved by the client.

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