WIL Research Laboratories, LLC

Ashland, Ohio

A tri-phased addition and sequenced interior renovation totaling 124,000 square feet, including vivarium support services.



Project Challenge: Upon completion of the $22 million multi-phased vivarium and laboratory research center, an unidentified underground vein of water began emitting water into the once dry elevator pit.  The state elevator inspectors do not allow for water settlement in the pit.

Krill Case Study Solution: As construction manager, and having participated in over $1 million worth of savings over the two year pre-construction and construction period, The Krill Co., Inc. independently investigated options to eliminate the water seepage in the pit in the now fully occupied facility.

Krill determined that the natural water vein could not be rerouted, therefore the approach was taken to remotely gather the water at an elevation lower than the elevator pit and discharge it prior to entering the dry pit area.  In an adjacent utility chase, a 2’-0” diameter hole was dug at an elevation of 8’-0” below grade, and then a PVC sleeve was inserted with a fully operational and alarmed sump pump system.  The system works automatically to discharge water and maintain a state- approved elevator pit.  The suggestion was cost effective, but more importantly considered priceless in the owner’s eyes when considerations were being made to shut down the entire facility.

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