Case Western Reserve University

H.G. Wood Building, Cleveland, Ohio

Addition and renovation of 87,000 square feet of biomedical research laboratories and NMR facility.



Project Challenge: To provide basement access into the new Tower which houses four Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Magnets (NMR’s).

Krill Case Study Solution: The Krill Co., Inc collaborated with the University and Architect during conceptual and schematic drawing stages to develop an approach to relocate the entire seven floor biomedical research laboratory .  It was decided to move the building approximately 200 yards so that a lower level basement could be constructed which was unobstructed by buried utility tunnels and utility services.

Capitalizing on the University’s need for additional space, the relocation of the building also created accessibility opportunities from the adjoining structures.   To avoid the excessive costs that accompany expansion shale removal and replacement, Krill’s project management and field staff found an alternate point of access to the basement level behind an existing stair tower, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and excessive building coordination of utilities.

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