Built to Work. Professionally.

At Krill, construction means more than just building. It’s about engaging with clients to direct them through an often confusing and challenging process. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to save clients money, valuable time and headaches. Delivering a project “on time and on budget” should be an industry standard, not a goal. We want more for our client and work harder to provide an unparalleled level of value and ingenuity to get the project done earlier and with greater cost savings than expected.

Selecting the appropriate construction method is imperative to putting a project on the best track to successful completion. Construction Management, General Contracting and Design-Build methods have varying benefits that can match specific project needs.  We often educate clients on which choice is best for their specific project, not our business. Our non-objective philosophy is further supported by the fact that Krill does not self-perform any trades. We’d rather focus on our clients’ needs, instead of finding ways to pass along markups.

No matter the contracting method, Krill takes a unique approach to construction services.  Our consistent team is highly involved, from beginning to end, proactively anticipating the obstacles that could derail a project and offering solutions to keep pushing it forward. It’s the way we have done it for over 75 years, and we plan to keep doing it for another 75.