Construction Management

As a Construction Manager (CM), we are more than a contractor; we are your business partner. When owners have an initial project idea, they seek our Construction Management services to help them make key decisions from concept to completion. Krill has set the bar for CM services because of our industry specific knowledge, accuracy and conceptual thinking. In fact, over 70% of our projects follow this delivery method.  Most of our repeat clients seek this service because it provides them with the greatest overall value. We have more opportunity to provide cost and schedule knowledge when drawings are still in process, reducing the need for future costly change orders.

Pre-Construction Phase

The first CM stage is Pre-Construction, in which we partner early with owners and architects during the critical initial development months.  Even before drawings are developed, we can provide feasibility studies, historic cost model estimates and initial timelines that help drive early decision-making when constraints are present. As drawings are introduced, we continue to develop master schedules, multiple estimates and concurrently, value added options. Value added options are a shopping list of product and method alternatives that historically provide significant budget savings. Unlike other Construction Managers, our value added options are not a reduction in scope but a compliment to the architect’s insight into alternative design elements.  Once drawings are final, we create detailed bid packages and manage the bid process to analyze and ensure accurate proposals. While operating on an open book basis, proposals and work scope are evaluated and recommended on a variety of measures such as approach and quality-not just lowest bid.

Construction Phase

Krill is a CM that both manages and constructs in the field. Our preferred approach is to award all elements of the construction project to sub-contractors rather than awarding several prime contractors to run the project. This proven approach allows for complete control of the project in the office and field, avoiding potential communication problems. Each project has a dedicated full-time field superintendent to oversee and coordinate sub-contractors, act as an immediate contact to site questions or concerns from owners or site visitors, and ensure a zero tolerance safety environment.

Project management continues during the construction phase, with weekly field progress meetings occurring with the subcontractors and consultants to discuss progress and complications. On a monthly basis, a meeting with the owner and architect is held to review the Executive Summary, which provides a project-to-date overview, including each construction trade and line item cost to date. We prefer to allow our clients to know the budget status throughout the entire project, allowing any savings to be reapplied into the project as building upgrades or returned to owner as a savings, versus communicating at the end of project when the opportunity has passed.

Post-Construction Phase

At the completion of the project, we make certain that we conclude our construction efforts through an enhanced punch list process and education on the operation and mechanics of the new facility. During project close out, Krill provides a self prepared pre-punch-list as a proactive measure to reduce the impact of a final punch-list, which generally provides relief to the scheduled occupancy. Collaboration continues during the furniture, furnishings, and equipment installation, as Krill assists with coordination and delivery.

In addition, detailed operating & maintenance manuals, thorough review & training for maintenance and operation of building equipment, and guarantees/warranties are provided for a minimum of one year. Final waivers of lien, a certificate of substantial completion, and project close out are completed allowing the prompt release of final payment and retainer.

Extended warranties are available for select product and systems, or globally upon request. As a matter of maintaining our relationships and personalized services, Krill offers annual warranty reviews.

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