Often owners come to us with nothing but an idea. That vision quickly turns into reality through our complete Design-Build services. Krill offers the conceptual thinking and project leadership skills to fast-track a simple sketch into a new building.

Pre-Construction Phase

Design-Build streamlines the entire design, estimate, permit and construction scheduling process, bringing projects to market faster and in turn, improving project profitability for the owner. Similar to Construction Management, the key is to collaborate early to achieve maximum value. As a design-builder, we get involved first–many times even before an architect is retained. From sketch concepts we can begin developing accurate estimates, which get more detailed through drawing stages and allow for constant material changes, avoiding the future need for costly change orders or re-bidding. The construction scheduling process is occurring concurrently, including sequencing planning, long lead time material procurement, and milestone date determination.

As a single source contact for the owner, Krill takes the leadership position by managing all communication with the architect and other consultants and holding related contracts. Our project managers have one complete knowledge of the entire project, giving timely and educated answers and suggestions to owners. This structure frees the owner from communication tangles and daily management while still being involved in all decision making aspects, allowing our clients to focus on their business and not be burdened with construction details.

After the final construction documents are made available by the architect, Krill will create detailed bid packages and make a recommendation of selected subcontractors based on price, quality, and approach.

Construction Phase

Once in the construction phase, the project follows a similar approach to a Construction Management method in the field and office. We prefer to award all elements of a project to subcontractors rather than prime contractors. We do this to maintain complete control of the project, avoiding communication problems. A full-time superintendent is assigned to the site and will manage all subcontractors, act as an immediate contact for on-site questions or concerns and ensure a zero tolerance safety environment and the timely completion of the project.

Our project managers will continue to act as the liaison between owner and consultants during the construction phase. Weekly progress report meetings will be conducted with owner, architects and consultants to discuss construction and budget progress. An Executive Summary will be provided and reviewed monthly, giving detailed to-date budget status by line item. We prefer to share this information with clients during the project when the opportunity to redirect savings into upgrades is available.

Post Construction Phase

At the completion of the project, we make certain that we conclude our construction efforts through an enhanced punch list process and education on the operation and mechanics of the new facility. During project close out, Krill provides a self-prepared pre-punch-list as a proactive measure to reduce the impact of a final punch-list, which generally provides relief to the scheduled occupancy. Collaboration continues during the furniture, furnishings, and equipment installation, as Krill assists with coordination and delivery.

In addition, detailed operating & maintenance manuals, thorough review & training for maintenance and operation of building equipment, and guarantees/warranties are provided for a minimum of one year. Final waivers of lien, a certificate of substantial completion, and project close out are completed allowing the prompt release of final payment and retainer.

Extended warranties are available for select product and systems, or globally upon request. As a matter of maintaining our relationships and personalized services, Krill offers annual warranty reviews.

Design-Build Benefits:

Pre-Construction Services:

Construction Services

Post Construction Services: