General Contacting

The Krill Co., Inc. opened its doors in 1932 as a General Contractor, and has built a reputation of integrity in the business ever since. Through each phase of the General Contracting method, Krill maintains our commitment to fairness, strong client-consultant communication, proactive leadership, quality workmanship, and safety.

Construction Phase

The General Contracting method begins with receiving competitive lump-sum bids from multiple contractors. Unlike open book bidding, the owner only sees a total price, which includes the General Contractors combined construction costs. Krill takes an ethical approach, providing exact and true bids so that owners can make a fair assessment based on real numbers. It just makes good business sense. We spend significant time reviewing drawings to make sure the bids are accurate and that the scope is clarified. Our strong relationships with subcontractors also ensure competitive and reliable pricing. Krill leaves trade performance to the subcontractors. Our focus is to receive the most competitive price and bypass the unnecessary markups and hidden costs, while professionally executing the work with quality and timeliness.

When construction commences, a full-time superintendent is on site overseeing the subcontractors, instilling safety procedures, and quickly answering owner questions or concerns. Our project management team is also busy at work, conducting weekly progress meetings with owners and consultants to keep them updated on schedule progress. On the occasion that the owner or architect initiates a work scope revision, Krill ensures that the cost of the change matches the work scope. Reviewing subcontractors costs are just one more example of how Krill works with integrity.

Post Construction Phase

At the completion of the project, we make certain that we conclude our construction efforts through an enhanced punch list process and education on the operation and mechanics of the new facility. During project close out, Krill provides a self prepared pre-punch-list as a proactive measure to reduce the impact of a final punch-list, which generally provides relief to the scheduled occupancy. Collaboration continues during the furniture, furnishings, and equipment installation, as Krill assists with coordination and delivery.

In addition, detailed operating & maintenance manuals, thorough review & training for maintenance and operation of building equipment, and guarantees/warranties are provided for a minimum of one year. Final waivers of lien, a certificate of substantial completion, and project close out are completed allowing the prompt release of final payment and retainer.

Extended warranties are available for select product and systems, or globally upon request. As a matter of maintaining our relationships and personalized services, Krill offers annual warranty reviews.

General Contracting Benefits:

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